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Unity Through Chess

Eugene Brown speaks across the country at high schools, colleges, correctional facilities, detention centers, group homes, churches, or anywhere his messages of "SELF-EMPOWERMENT" and "DECISION MAKING" 

through the use of critical thinking skills can resinate, and help change lives. He can offer screenings of the film that is based on his life or readings from his novel to accompany his speeches, thus giving the listening audience maximum understanding of his message and the methods he used to reform his life for a powerful force of good.  Eugene Brown uses chess to teach inner-city youth and young adults a lesson in life he learned the hard way: 

"To Always Think Before You Move."

This has become the mantra for Eugene Brown's philosophy, and a way of life. 



Chess/Networking Workshop
Location is TBD
From Pawnz To Kingz - Live Play @ Alamance Repertory Theatre Company
Alamance Repertory Theatre Company


Our Mission!!!

Always Think Before You Move Philosophy


Eugene Brown offers The Parallels of Life and Chess live!!!


Create a roadmap for your life with our chess mentors


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