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Eugene Brown

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Eugene Brown uses chess to teach inner-city children a lesson of life he learned the hard way:“Always Think B4U Move”. This has become the mantra for Eugene Brown’s philosophy, and a way of life. Brown learned the game of chess in a community-based program and continued while he was incarcerated in federal prison. Chess was a good distraction from the dreary routine and the depressing world around him.


Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Brown attended the inner-city, District of Columbia public schools, where he was told he required social adjustment classes. His anti-social behavior led to early brushes with the juvenile justice law enforcement, resulting in early incarceration at correctional youth institutions as a teen and prison terms as an adult.


Today, Eugene Brown believes that people are guided by the decisions they make on the chessboard as well as in real life. The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc. was founded for the sole purpose of reaching the unreachable, and teaching the unteachable. Instilling the motto “Always Think B4U Move” is the core mission of The Big Chair Chess Club, Inc. 

Marco Price-Bey

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Marco Price-Bey is the founder and CEO of Fresh Start Barbering Academy. Fresh Start is a community-based program that mentors and teaches young men and women life skills and the fundamental principles of barbering to aid in self-improvement and social transformation. Marco also has a community program “Cutting Up in the Community,” where Price-Bey cuts hair for the less fortunate  members of the community who are underserved at Bennett Career Institute. 


Marco Price-Bey received his Apprenticeship Barbering license in 1993. Four years later, he received his Master Barber’s license. He decided to become a Barbering Instructor and in 2009, he received his Barber Instructor’s license from U.D.C. Price-Bey began teaching students the barbering trade and personal development skills. At U.D.C., Price-Bey became an Adjunct Professor of Barbering.


Marco Price-Bey has opened his own barbershop and continues to work as a contracted Barbering Instructor for programs like New Beginnings (a youth detention center) in Laurel, Maryland, and Woodland members of the community who are underserved a Barber Instructor at Bennett Career Institute, where he was able to teach over fifty as a result of a physical condition or various life circumstances.

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