Eugene Brown

Our Motto

" To Teach The Unteachable Reach The UnreachableAnd Always Think B4U Move"



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Our Mission

Eugene Brown speaks across the country at high schools, colleges, correctional facilities, detention centers, group homes, churches, and anywhere his messages of:



through the game of chess, Eugene offers a powerful message on using your "personal power", which is your ability to "act" and aligning your personal power with constructive critical thinking techniques to help re-invent your thinking and ultimately change "Your" life. 


He offers screenings of the film, "Life of A King" that is based on his life along with a novel, " From Pawnz to Kings", to accompany his speeches, thus giving the listening audience maximum understanding of his message and the methods he used to reform his life for a powerful force of good.  

Our mission at the "Always Think B4U Move" is to teach the un-teachable, reach the un-reachable, and help others discover the power that comes from always thinking before they move.

For years, we have been helping inner city children and adults to see chess not only as a board game, but as a tool that can be used to take them places they never thought possible! While some may view chess as a simple game, we believe it is a tool that changes lives and teaches valuable life skills.

Whether on the board or in life, every single move you make has a consequence. By thinking before you move, you will open doors that can make any dream you have a reality.


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